Park City High School Hockey

We’re lucky enough to work with the Park City High School Hockey program where our goal has been in improve strength, conditioning, and short duration power. These results are from our 11 week Summer Session.

Summer ’15


1.5 mile run:

Average improvement of 1:02

75ft sled push (50lbs added to sled):

Average improvement of.67 seconds

Back Squat:

Average improvement of 65lbs

Bench Press:

Average improvement of 35lbs

Max Repetition Strict Pull-ups:

Average improvement of 4

Standing Broad Jump:

 Average improvement of 6.1 inches

Fall / Winter 

We’ve transitioned into ‘in-season’ strength training and are still seeing great linear results! Back squats, bench presses, and cleans are all improving, moving up 5lbs per week. 2 days per week, 45 minutes per session and continuing to see great strength gains!